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This page last updated October 4, 2013
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  Plastic Tubs / Breeding boxes / Faunarium / Cages / Cage Supplies  

Plastic Tubs

Plastic bcb 30 95 tub
  • BCB-30 Iris tubs 16.75W 22.875L 6.875T
    • 1-25 $11.00 each
    • 25-
  • BCB-95 Iris tub 17.81W 32.62L 12.875H
    • 1-25 $14.50 each
    • 25-

BCB-30 (small) $11.00

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BCB-95 (large) $14.50 Add to cart


Breeding Boxes


The special feeding door at the front of the lid allows access for feeding and watering, even when the units are stacked. This makes feeding easy and prevents stress since the unit does not have to be moved in order to access it. The angled ventilation provides an optimal air-flow at all times, even when the unit is stacked.

    • Ideal to transport terrarium animals or live foods
    • Special feeding door
    • Stackable for display or breeding purposes
    • Side-angled ventilation slits
    • Large door for easy access
    • Clear plastic terrarium
PT2270 - 8" x 8" x 5.5"
PT2275 - 11.8" x 7.7" x 5.7"
PT2280 - 16.3" x 10.4" x 5.8"




The Exo Terra Faunarium is an easy to use stackable plastic all-purpose terrarium for reptiles, amphibians, mice and arachnids and insects.

  • Ideal to transport terrarium animals or live foods
  • Great for temporary housing or quarantine
  • Transparent plastic door for easy access
  • Easy to clean and disinfect


PT2250 - 7 "x 4" x 5"
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PT2255 - 9" x 6" x 6 1/2"
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PT2260 - 12" x 7 1/2" x 8"
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PT2265 - 14 1/2" x 8 1/2" x 10"
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PT2300 - 14" x 8" x 6"
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PT2310 - 18" x 12" x 6 1/2"
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The terrarium is without doubt the most important aspect of successful reptile and amphibian keeping. Many species have different requirements, so a versatile and easy adaptable terrarium is essential. In order to meet the needs of herpetologists and more importantly, the needs of reptiles and amphibians, Exo Terra developed a wide range of terrariums each with their own specific feature. All our terrariums can be used for several applications and set-ups; from temporary housing to the state-of-the-art natural terrarium.

The Exo Terra Terrarium is the ideal reptile or amphibian housing designed by European herpetologists. The front opening doors allow easy access for maintenance and feeding. A specially designed lock will prevent escape and the doors can be opened separately. The full screen top ventilation allows UVB and infrared penetration, and is completely removable for easy access while decorating or cleaning. In the back of the screen cover are 5 closable wire or tube inlets on both sides to install Heat Wave Rocks, Waterfalls, sensors, etc. inside the terrarium. The bottom plate of the terrarium is raised to mount a substrate heater to heat a part of the extended ground surface (45 x 45cm). The extra high fixed front window is ideal for thick layers of substrates, (burrowing reptiles), aquatic parts or to mount an Exo Terra reptile den. The natural background is in the same colour like all other Exo Terra items (Water Dishes, Waterfallss, etc.) and provides an extra climbing dimension.

Background included

Additional shipping charges apply due to the weight
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12"x12"x12" $53.99add to cart

S&H Surcharge $5.00

18"x18"x18" $112.99add to cartNo Shipping Surcharge 


12"x12"x18" $64.99 add to cart

S&H Surgharge $5.00 


18"x18"x24" $132.99 add to cart

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Cage Interior Supplies


Exo Terra Flexible Vines

  • Natural feel and look
  • Bendable and twistable vines make a beautiful addition to any terrarium.
  • Ideal for arboreal reptiles and amphibians
  • Creates a 3-dimensional habitat
  • Looks even more natural when twisted together with other sizes
  • Vine -Small
 $8.00  add to cart
  •  Vine -Medium
 $14.00 add to cart
  •  Vine -Large
 $19.00 add to cart

Exo - Terra Hygrometer

Price:   $6.00 add to cart      

water fall

Natural Waterfall

  • Pump included
  • Natural look integrates in any type of terrarium
  • Stimulates natural drinking behavior in lizards (ex. chameleons)
  • Easy to clean
  • Increases humidity levels
  • Very stable, not easily tipped over by larger reptiles
  • Fully encased water tank and pump
  • Made from hard, non-porous and non-toxic resin; prevents the development of harmful bacteria


PT2905 - 6.6" x 9" x 7.4" $32.00 add to cart
PT2906 - 8.2" x 10.6" x 9" $40.00 add to cart
PT2907 - 11.4" x 11.4" x 11.8" $50.00 add to cart



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