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Terms and Conditions

Last updated

May 10, 2012


UPS shipping:

UPS -UPS Priority Overnight is available at a cost of $45.00-$65.00.. The cost will increase depending upon the weight and size of the box. Someone must be present to sign for the shipment. We personally guarantee live arrival through UPS. If there is a problem with a snake that you have received from us through UPS please contact us directly. This service can only be provided for temperatures above 30 degrees at each location and below 90 degrees. Live arrival is guaranteed only when your package is properly signed for, on the FIRST delivery attempt. We ship Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday out of Denver, Co. Snakes will only be shipped as weather permits. During extreme hot or cold periods we will gladly care for your snake(s) until shipping is possible.

Air Freight shipping:

We use UPS for most domestic shipping. We can also use Delta DASH service upon request and must be prepaid. The cost is $ 155.00. Delta DASH insurance limit is only $750.00. Snakes shipped through the airlines need to be picked up within 2 hours of their arrival. Please inspect your shipment in front of a carrier's representative. If a snake has expired you must make a claim with the carrier before leaving the airport. If there are problems contact Boas and Balls immediately. You must also file a claim with the airlines before leaving the airport.

DOA (Dead on Arrival):

If an animal is dead on arrival it MUST be returned to Boas and Balls. We will replace the animal if notified within 24 hours of receipt. After 24 hours of the shipments arrival, we assume no further liabilities. This warrantee is good only if someone is present to receive the animal at time of delivery on the first delivery attempt.

Health Guarantees:

All animals are guaranteed to be healthy and properly sexed unless otherwise agreed upon. If your order does not comply with the stated agreements contact Boas and Balls to arrange a return.

Payment Options:

Payment is required in advance. All animals must be paid in full before shipping.  Payments can be made by check, money order, or credit card over the phone or through our web store. All animals paid for by check will be held until the check clears, usually around 10 business days. When the account is paid in full, we will ship the animal on the agreed upon date.

Financing - Interest free financing is available (short term) for individuals that place a 25% deposit on purchases over $400.00. This plan requires you to make regular payments. This payment plan should not last any longer than 3 months.

Deposits - Are not refundable.

At this time we are discouraging using pay pal, If you want to use paypal. We will add 2% to your total.


Any animal can be reserved with a 25% deposit for a period of 30 days. If payment is not received within 30 days the buyer will forfeit the deposit unless otherwise agreed upon.

Note: Please be sure that you intend to purchase the animal before entering into a payment agreement. Any payments made are non-refundable. We can offer a credit for payments made to be applied to other animals in the event that you are unable to fulfill your commitment. Arrangements must be made prior to the expiration of the agreed upon time frame(generally 3 months). Deposits of 25% are not transferable and go towards the re listing of the animal. All returns are for credit only (25% handling fee my be applied if fault is not our own). We will not refund shipping unless fault is ours for shipping the wrong animal.


    This always makes Me (Lynn) smile that is one of the reasons why I keep some of the nice things people say. The real testimonies is your return business and word of mouth, thank you all for your purchases and I hope you are happy for a long time. Lynn and Ken Kubic Boas and Balls.

Everything is great. He is settled in and doing fine,  Thanks, again, Paul

Everybody showed up great! Sorry I didn't write sooner, been really busy. Very beautiful little snakes!  Thanks again  Marty



My family and I would like to sincerely thank you for the newest additions (2 beautiful Redtail Boas) to our family. Every aspect of your operation is very professional and commendable, which include the detailed snake pictures to choose from, the easy online ordering process, the safe and humane packaging, the dependable delivery, and the continued caring customer support long after the transaction. Your knowledge and resourcefulness are paramount and are indicative of a successful and passionate business owner who really cares about their clients, as well as the animals you assist with bringing into this world.

Keep up the first class business operations and caring support to herpetologist community!



Dear Mr. Lynn Kubic and any other staff at 'Boas and Balls',

Thank you for the successful transaction that completed today. The snake's temperament, in my opinion, is even better than what you described. She is very curious, docile, seems to not mind being handled, and is not head shy in the slightest. My other friends that own snakes told me that it is very obvious that you handle your snakes often. I also appreciate you sending a copy of the records of the snake without me asking. Judging by the different names, different handwriting, different ink, detail, etc on the record, it is very obvious that you are a man of your word. Health wise the animal is just as healthy as in the picture and as you promised. No health abnormalities, no mites, well fed, stool sample ok- exactly as you promised. I am very pleased with this transaction, and I sincerely hope that in the future when I'm looking to put something in my second cage, that you have what I'm looking for. You will definitely be the first place I look. Thanks again!



            David W


I just wanted to thank you for an amazing snake! (me and my girlfriend purchased
it on Friday)  It seems to have adapted to its new home very well.  I fed it
today and it ate with no problem.

Thanks again,


Dear Lynn,
Thanks so much for sending me such a beautiful Red Tailed Boa. She is healthy as can be, clear eyes, alert, and nice gums. She was a little timid at first but she certainly has come around, I would have never thought you could ship a Boa from Colorado to Fla. in this weather. She will hopefully become larger and you know how they grow, I have always made sure they eat as much as they like. It Does keep the chances of being bitten down to a minimum. As you know they don't always see to well. I have named here such an appropriate name How's "Girlfriend" ?
Thanks so much again,
Bill Mouro
Jax Fla.



I just wanted to let you know that she arrived without any issues. She's a gorgeous animal, and I'm extremely pleased with her. She seems to be settling in well, and I'm looking forward to being able to breed her. Once again, thank you for the beautiful animal and the great service, I couldn't be more pleased. I hope I can purchase something else from you soon, I'm hoping to pick up a few more snakes soon.


Hi Lynn,

I just wanted to drop you a line to let you know that Ella appears to be
doing well in her new home. She's hanging out in her hide most of the
time, but we catch her peeking out once in a while to explore.

We fed her for the first time last night using some chopsticks (I still
don't have any tongs or hemostats--a trip to ProExotics this Saturday
should remedy that). She went for that smelly furball in seconds!

We're trying to be good keepers and letting her alone a bit to get used to
her new home. We'll let her digest that mouse to avoid any "undesirable

Visiting your home was such a treat. We were thrilled to see so many of
the beautiful animals you keep and breed. Seeing so many ball python
morphs and baby snakes for the first time is an experience we will not
soon forget.

Thanks for sharing so much of your time and knowledge with us. You really
helped foster our continuing appreciation and respect for these animals
and the people who love them.

If you could use any sort of volunteer help sometime, please consider me
because I'd love to participate as my schedule & skills allow.

Good luck with those moody tree boas,
Jason, Kim, Griffon, and Raven



I purchase a female #F1 Hog Island from you on Monday. It arrived safely and was packaged great. No problems at all. I just want to say thanks for the wonderful pet, and most importantly for taking the extra time to answer all of my questions before I committed to the purchase. That in and of itself was the single most important part. It not only showed that you care but that you also want the best for the animals once they leave your facility. In this day and age we live in, there are many items, including this, that can be purchased from dozens of sites for about the same price etc, but in then end it all comes down to customer service. You were the third place that I contacted regarding this species of snake, and the only one that seemed like they wanted to take the time to make me feel like I was informed on the things I still had some questions about. If I can ever talk my wife into letting me have another one (its only a matter of time J  ) I will be sure to look you up first. Thanks.

Dwayne Headrick

Gulfport, MS

My Daughter and I bought 2 baby ball pythons from you at the spring reptile expo and just wanted to tell you how pleased we are with both snakes. They are so friendly and let us hold them. I was a bit worried about them feeding OK, and we have had no problems what so ever. I was not sure about buying at a reptile show as I have read all kinds of bad things about it but I felt it showed how much your wife loves these animals and was so glad to find out that with you both its not a problem buying from you.

Again thank you we love our little new part of our family
Lance, Risa, ( our new additions Amber and Spot) Loveland Colorado


Just an update on the albino we got from you. He has been doing well, but had refused food until tonight. Within seconds of introducing the mouse to him, it was dinner. He is very active and has acclimated to handling daily. Thank you for a sweet animal with a great disposition.


Hey, my boa (Andy) just came in about 30 mins ago! i am very please with your packaging and how beautiful he is!!! thank you so much for a wonderful animal! i will give him a few days then i will try feeding him and il email you if he eats! =] once again i can not belive how BEAUTIFUL he is!
Thanks again, Dan (and Andy) lol