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About Me

   Hi and welcome to Boas and Balls. My name is Lynn Kubic. My husband Ken and I have been keeping and breeding boas since 1985. We only started breeding ball pythons in 2005, but with all the beautiful combos they make they have taken over. We live in the colorful state of Colorado where we own and run 3 businesses. Boas and Balls, The Rodent Barn and the Rocky Mountain Reptile Expo. Our number one focus is the animals. Our number two focus is you our costumer. We want to help you understand, care for, and enjoy your animals. Even if you didn’t purchase your pet from us. I am always happy to help you. This is our day and night job, but don’t call after 9:00pm please. lol. Besides I am not so bright at that time.

Today 2009, we have
2.1 salcata tortoises,
1.0 leopard tortoise
25.320 ball pythons, the main reason this number works for us is the ultrasound.
3.3 Dumeril Boa - Acrantophis dumerili
2.2 Madagascar Ground Boa - Acrantophis madagasacriensis
4.6 Argentine boas - Boa constrictor occidentalis - BCO
15.36 Boa constrictor imperator - BCI
7.10 Boa constrictor constrictor - BCC
1.1 Longicauda - Boa constrictor longicauda - BCL
1.1 Bolivian boas - Boa constrictor amerli - BCA
2.4 Brazilian rainbow boas
1.3 carpet pythons
6.5 panther chameleons
lots of leopard geckos
3.8 bearded dragons